10 Fun and Cheap Indoor Date Inspirations

  1. If you’re feeling daring, then a haunted house can be an exciting fall option
  2. Baking/cooking a new recipe together (apple tarts or butterbeer anyone?)
  3. Go dancing, especially swing dancing. (Most places have lessons beforehand for decent prices, and it’s such an exciting, classy, romantic, and fun activity)
  4. Write a short story while sitting in a cafe, ice-cream parlor, etc.
  5. Watch favorite childhood movies or TV shows
  6. Go into town and grab dinner at some place you’ve never been before
  7. Go to an aquarium
  8. Buy stickers, fun paper, markers and pens, and a scrapbooking album and scrapbook all your memories. (Bonus points for using any little things you’ve kept from those times, e.g. ballgame tickets, ribbon, wrist-bands from amusement parks, etc.)
  9. Go to a bookstore and leave sticky notes with comments in your favorite books
  10. Go to a museum (and if you’re feeling it and it’s allowed, take pictures of paintings and exhibits and meme them)

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